April 2, 2016

What We Offer

Our Solution

The ActiCare Health Monitoring Program enables forward-thinking transplant and VAD centers to reduce costs, length of stay, and hospital readmissions, while optimizing care quality and minimizing administrative hurdles for care coordinators. Our pre-operative transplant program is designed to improve patient readiness and timeliness for surgery, which can help to minimize intake and pre-operative delays, lower incidence of surgical complications, and reduce the time spent in-hospital. Our post-discharge programs for transplants and VAD have been developed to foster timely recognition of emerging complications, which can improve patient morbidity, mortality, and other long-term outcomes. By actively monitoring patients, helping them adhere to discharge instructions, and giving transplant teams better visibility into each patient’s current health status, we increase the likelihood of a successful, rapid recovery. Keep reading to learn more about the specific features and benefits of our program or arrange a meeting with an ActiCare Health sales representative.

Program Features

The ActiCare Health Monitoring Suite is built around a series of highly personalized, virtual health check-ins and learning modules that are designed to identify key areas of risk and equip patients with the tools and resources they need to minimize these risks. Regularly scheduled live check-ins with ActiCare Health representatives complement these virtual assessments and help to ensure that patients remain organized, confident, and motivated to achieve their recovery goals. All patient communications occur at a time each day that works best for them. Our care coordinators are also available around the clock to answer questions or address any concerns patients might have. Along with top-quality communication, our monitoring system is distinguished by several other best-in-class features:

  • High-touch, in-home patient education, surveillance and support
  • Daily vital sign collection and monitoring
  • Daily symptom and health status interviews that can be tailored for your needs and protocols
  • Physical activity, nutrition, and mental health monitoring, supported by daily encouragement and robust eLearning modules
  • Innovative care calendar to support daily monitoring activities as well as provide medication and appointment reminders
  • Live and on-demand video and telephonic connections with ActiCare Health care coordinators
  • A live video consultation with nutrition and mental health specialists, if needed
  • A robust clinical alert system managed by our highly-trained staff
  • A comprehensive health dashboard designed to help care providers facilitate patient progress reviews, promoting greater engagement and empowerment
  • Clinical alerts and reporting tailored to meet your department’s specific needs
  • Physician care plan support and reinforcement of your discharge instructions provided by our care coordinators

Additionally, for VAD, we provide:

  • A full suite of equipment, including controller kits, batteries, battery chargers, adapters, and cases
  • Customizable driveline kits and supplies, assembled to hospital specifications
  • 24×7 surveillance of VAD-specific patient data, including controller performance

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Program Benefits

The ActiCare Health solution is distinguished by the quality and frequency of our communication with patients and their care teams. Pre- and post-discharge, hospital staff members will remain well-informed of a patient’s health status—on their preferred terms—through our highly configurable communication protocols, with the ability to easily adjust care instructions on a patient-by-patient basis. The ActiCare Health Monitoring Program is designed to achieve the following:

  • Daily contact with patients and caregivers
  • Early alerts for emerging risks
  • Increased patient engagement and compliance with care plans
  • Effective supply management and and support to improve infection control among VAD patients
  • A more connected, satisfying, patient-centered experience
  • Healthier lifestyle behaviors resulting from robust patient education
  • Medication and therapy reinforcement
  • A state-of-the-art reporting and alert system that improves transplant team visibility
  • Care coordinator protocols customized in accordance with each health center’s needs and designed to minimize administrative hurdles

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